Everyone has a childhood story, as when we were a child we have enjoyed & had fun with small little things, have cried for silly stuffs! Everything becomes so cherishing except few dark patches that most of us go through.
As we grow old, we keep on making memories, but the older we grow, the sooner we realize that the first memories (memories of our childhood) are the best of all that we could make all our lives. These memories make you nostalgic and take you back to the time.
“Falling asleep on the couch and waking up in bed the next morning,..this would happen often when I was a child”, It reminds me of my loving parents and the wonderful memories that I can never forget,whether it’s the favorite childhood shows, games or paper boats we used to make.
I request you all who are currently reading this, to share your childhood memories/or your child’s memories with us by commenting below. We will feature your story or your child’s story on this blog under category. Let us cherish the childhood (Bachpan) & its memories together.
Tell us what you remember, cherish and never let you grow!!!